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Painting of Fred Babb

This is the Official
Fred Babb Web Site

Imagine Having No Imagination!

This website is the home of Fred Babb's creative genius. Fred has been a major contributor to the arts and to those who treasure the arts. His words have made a difference in thousands of lives and his images have impacted multitudes. In 2006, Fred Babb left planet earth but blessed us all with a wealth of his artistic and written expression. The work on this site is primarily that which he created to give a specific message about the importance of art to our world and to our children. His message will reach people for years to come.

We invite you to take a look through this site. It is created and maintained by his family.

On the About Fred page, you will learn a bit of history about Fred and his art beginnings. You will also find some of the process that brought him to create the products we sell today. You may visit our Store to see some of these items.

We no longer sell Fred's work at wholesale prices to retail stores. And unfortunately there are many things that folks request which we simply do not have any longer and cannot produce: mugs, hats, cards, poster books, posters, jewelry, clocks. The list goes on. We are in the process of closing out our inventory and when all has been sold, we will not have any additional work. We may decide at some later date to open to the idea of having his work available again. If you would like us to put you on a list for that future potential, please e-mail us.

If you have questions or suggestions, or just want to say hello, you may go to our Contact page.

We hope you enjoy touring this site. Please visit us often.

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